Is Sugar Sneaking Its Way Into Our Favorite Foods?

Having diabetes makes us acutely aware of our diets. We are constantly doing mental math to figure out how each and every thing we consume will affect our numbers. However, what happens when unwanted ingredients get tricky and mysteriously creep their way into the food we eat? Doesn’t it feel like we should have a clear understanding of what we’re consuming so we can make smart, well-informed decisions?

Whether you’re a fan of John Oliver or not, we think you’ll appreciate his hilarious take on one such sneaky ingredient… sugar. The late-night host challenges the food industry to be clear about the ingredients of their products without suggesting that sugar is an evil ingredient that should be avoided it all costs. Instead, he simply wants us to be able to make educated decisions about what we’re consuming.

How? Watch the video below to find out!

WARNING: This video contains explicit language and adult content.

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