5 Awesome Online Resources For You and Your Diabetes!

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 My Bizzy Kitchen

My Bizzy Kitchen is a blog, well, from the kitchen, of course! It bravely tackles one of the most important (but most avoided) topic amongst people managing their diabetes: diet. Here’s the kicker: the blog’s author is a 46-year old mother who does her best to maintain her house, her weight, and her overall health while managing type 2 diabetes. She shares memories; she shares recipes; she shares it all. And, she isn’t afraid to poke fun at herself from time to time!


George S. Simmons, in a word, is a Ninjabetic. He has been fighting type 1 diabetes since 1990 and now, as a husband, father, writer and musician, George wants to inspire you to fight your disease. A way to do this, Simmons says in his About Me section, is to find an online community that lets you know that you are not alone. Not at all.

Check out his funny video!

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G.D. resides in West Michigan. When he isn’t writing (or editing), you can find him outside, riding a bike, reading a book, or just plain running. Other interests include sports (of any kind), music (again, any kind) and cinema (a bit pickier here).
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