Mom Is Giving Her Son The Gift Of Life For A Second Time By Donating Her Kidney To Him

Pamela Bish, of Georgia, gave her son, Carter, the gift of life two years ago. Now, she’s giving him the gift of life a second time by becoming a live donor and giving him one of her kidneys.

Carter had a plethora of health issues long before he was even born. When Pamela went in for her 20-week ultrasound, doctors told her that her baby had a lot of things wrong with him, including his kidneys being filled with cysts and a lot of fluid.

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Because of this, doctors said that he wasn’t going to make it.

When Pamela and her husband, Dale, got a second opinion at The Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore, Maryland, they were told that Carter had a urinary blockage.

Even if Carter did survive, he would likely need dialysis, as well as a transplant once he got older.

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Thankfully, Carter defied the odds and was born. He was put on a ventilator in the NICU at Children’s Scottish Rite Hospital in Atlanta, before being placed on peritoneal dialysis for his kidney failure.

Despite undergoing at least 11 surgeries, Carter is a happy little boy who loves baseball and is always smiling.

Although his kidney’s improved enough for him to be removed from dialysis, he would still need a kidney transplant.

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Without hesitation, Bish offered to be a live organ donor for her son, and immediately underwent testing to see if she was a match.

In order for her to be able to donate a kidney, her vessels have to be a certain size, she can’t have cysts on her kidneys or high blood pressure, and she can’t be pre-diabetic, among many other things.

Thankfully, everything worked out, and doctors approved her for donation.

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Her live organ donation will take place on July 8th, and she looks forward to giving her son a second chance at life.

“I want him to know that during the times in his life that people were telling him that his life wasn’t worth saving or keeping, that his family and his friends and the people around him never believed that for one minute,” Pamela Bish told ABC 7. “They all believed that his life was worth it and that he would be OK.”

Hear more of their story in the video below:

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