Pedicure Safety For People With Diabetes

If you have diabetes, you’ve likely been told how important it is to take care of your feel. Why? Because people with diabetes are at risk of developing neuropathy and peripheral vascular disease.

Additionally, there are a whole host of foot problems that anyone can have, but that people with diabetes are at increased risk of developing, such as Athlete’s foot, calluses, blisters, bunions, ingrown toenails, hammertoes, and plantar warts. While the latter are curable, they’re also inconvenient and can be very painful.

You might be thinking the best way you can take care of your feet is by giving them lots of attention and TLC. While that’s true, you might be giving them the wrong sort of love.

If you’re getting regular pedicures to keep your feet in tip-top condition, you might actually be doing more harm than good. Take a look at the video below before your next trip to the spa, and make sure you know whether or not pedicures are safe for you! You might be surprised by how much your diabetes might be influencing the health of your feet.

Were you surprised? Has your doctor warned you about this? Have you gotten the all-clear? Don’t forget to share your opinions and experiences in the comments below!

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