This Mom’s Unique Photo Project Gives a Voice to Kids with Diabetes

Teri Lyn is a mom to two kids with type 1 diabetes. She also happens to be a professional photographer, and now she’s on a mission to educate the public about type 1 diabetes and the young people it affects. She wants everyone to see kids with diabetes as real nuanced human beings rather than as just a child with a disease.

Teri Lyn photographs kids with diabetes for free in exchange for a simple quote from them. They have to tell her how they feel about their condition or what they wish other people knew about them and their disease. Kids talk about what their lives are like or give tips for living with diabetes.

In the video below, see several of the photos Teri Lyn has captured and the words of wisdom each child has to offer alongside them. You can really see each kid’s personality and spirit and hear their voices in these photos! Plus, Teri’s daughter’s description of checking her blood sugar is absolutely adorable!

Want to do your part to support diabetes awareness and help those who have the disease? Tell the Department of Health and Human Services to restrict out-of-control drug prices in the United States by signing this petition.

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