“Who Needs Glucose Tabs With You Around, Sweetie?”

It’s Valentine’s Day, and that might mean you have big plans to celebrate this beautiful day of love. Perhaps a candlelit dinner with your sweetheart? Maybe a cozy night in filled with fancy chocolates and sparkling champagne? Are you and your honey planning a romantic getaway to honor your affection for one another?

What’s that you say? You’re single?

No worries. If you’re single, and looking for love, Diabetic Danica is here with a fail-proof way to meet the person of your dreams.

Everyone knows one of the hardest parts of making a legitimate connection is the introduction. You see a person you want to talk to. Maybe it’s love at first sight… maybe you overhear part of their conversation and are impressed by how witty they are. Whatever it is, you know you need to talk to them.

But what do you say!?

It’s an intimidating, nerve-wracking situation that can leave even the smoothest operators drawing a blank. That’s where Danica’s pro-tips come in! Check out these killer pick-up lines that are sure to help you woo that lucky diabetic lady or gentleman you have your eye on.

*Note: If these lines work, it’s likely because you’ve found someone with a sense of humor!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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