Just Because You Have Diabetes Doesn’t Mean You Can’t Have Pizza

Pizza is one of my favorite foods! The cheese… the sauce… the crust… What’s not to love!?

Oh yeah! The calories… the sodium… the carbs…

Unfortunately, even though I love pizza, it’s one of those indulgences I only allow myself to have every great once in awhile because it typically doesn’t do anything great for my numbers. Or my waistline.

But what if there are a healthier way to enjoy my favorite food? What if there was a recipe that was healthy and nutritious? Maybe one that packed a whole lot of fiber and managed to even sneak some of my favorite vegetables in?

Well, it turns out, there is!

In the video below you’ll see Tarla Dalal’s recipe for tomato, mushroom and spinach whole wheat pizza! It looks so yummy that I might just have to try it tonight!

Take a look, and don’t forget to let us know what you think in the comments below!


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