Positive Metformin Side Effect: New Brain Cells!

Many people living with Type 2 diabetes take the drug Metformin to control their condition: and for once, a medication has a positive side effect! A new study has found that Metformin encourages the growth of neurons in the brain — a process that can make you smarter.

Researcher Freda Miller of the University of Toronto’s Hospital for Sick Children said that her team found that a specific pathway in the brain plays an essential part in stimulating stem cells into becoming mature neurons. Using Metformin to activate this pathway means that introducing new stem cells into the body, a highly controversial therapy, would no longer be necessary.

Miller’s team found that mice taking Metformin became smarter as a result of the growth of neurons, learning their way through mazes faster. The findings bring new hope for Alzheimer’s patients, who may experience cognitive improvements with the drug.

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