Prepping for Halloween with Diabetes

If you have diabetes or a child with diabetes, you know it can be particularly hard to deal with Halloween, the holiday that’s centered around candy (as if there wasn’t enough sweet stuff happening on all the other holidays). But you don’t want to take the fun away from your kiddo, and you don’t want to spend the whole day (and the months afterward) tempted by that giant hoard of candy. So what do you do?

We’d say you should take your tips from Kerri, a woman with type 1 diabetes whose parents managed to keep the fun in trick-or-treating and Halloween parties without compromising on her health.

One important thing to do when Halloween is rolling around is to focus on the parts of Halloween that don’t involved candy. Spend lots of time making a great costume and pay attention to what other people are wearing too! Carve pumpkins, take a drive to see the fall leaves, or try a healthy fall recipe involving pumpkin, squash, or apples.

Check out more of Kerri’s Halloween tips in the video below:

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