Gestational Diabetes: Prevention and Management

Many women who have never experienced symptoms of diabetes prior to becoming pregnant, will develp gestational diabetes, typically around their 24th week of pregnancy. While the exact cause of gestational diabetes is unknown, most theories point to the change in a mother’s hormones, which can affect her insulin resistance.

While most women are no longer diabetic after they give birth, having gestational diabetes does drastically increase the risk of developing Type 2 diabetes later in life. Further, babies born to mothers with gestational diabetes are often at risk of macrosomia (excessive birth weight, and have an increased risk of obesity and Type 2 diabetes in their adult lives.

While gestational diabetes can happen to any woman, education and awareness is incredibly important to limiting exposure to risk factors. In this video, Dr. Siobhan Dolan discusses some of the complications that can arise from gestational diabetes and how we can avoid potential problems.

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