The Story Of Glucose Chef’s Delicious Rise To Popularity!

The Glucose Chef is known for his amazing recipes for diabetics. He is wildly talented and his cooking is sugar, carb, and calorie conscious. But he wasn’t always the Glucose Chef.

In the video below, he the Chef describes what his eating habits were like prior to his diagnosis. While he spent a lot of time working out, he ate a diet that was comprised largely of microwave dinners and takeout (a lot of processed foods). However, all of that changed in March of 2012, when he was diagnosed with diabetes at age of 25.

While his initial reaction was one of surprise and frustration, he eventually took control and decided it was time to change his diet. As he learned more about cooking healthy for a diabetic diet, he realized he could help other people enjoy the food they eat while managing their diabetes, and The Glucose Chef was born!

Check out the incredibly inspirational video below, and let us know what you think in the comments below!

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