Researchers Working to Eliminate Diabetes Misdiagnosis Cases

Paul Martin was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. But when his diabetes didn’t get better with treatment, doctors realized it was actually type 1 and required insulin rather than oral treatments.

It is believed that Martin’s misdiagnosis was due largely to his age and weight. Despite the fact that we now know it is possible for type 2 diabetes to occur in the young and for type 1 diabetes to develop in older people, we continue to operate under the assumption that someone of Martin’s age must be a type 2 diabetic, while younger patients must be type 1.

This type of misdiagnosis could mean serious health consequences for patients.

Luckily, researchers are working on a genetic test that may change the way we diagnose diabetes. Hopefully this new technology will lead to fewer cases of misdiagnosed patients and also save time, money, and stress.

Watch the video below to learn more about what researchers are working on and why it’s important.

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