What Makes It Difficult for You to Manage Your Diabetes?

You knew diabetes was a pain in the tush. But did you know it could be a pain in this many ways? Everybody has a slightly different experience with it, and everybody has their own unique struggles with making it work in their lives.

We went to Reddit to find out what people’s biggest problems are with having diabetes and trying to manage it properly. We bet those of you who have diabetes have experienced at least a few of these problems before. If you don’t have diabetes (and perhaps even if you do), some of these responses could be pretty surprising!

NOTE: Some comments have been edited for length, clarity, or profanity.

It can be HEAVY.

Man with backpack pushing a huge stone

“If you forget to manage it or willfully ignore it you run the risk of serious complications up to and including death. That’s some heavy stuff to be weighing on a person for the rest of their life.” —Reddit user mmccullen

It STILL hurts.

Tocando un cactus

“I haven’t told anyone this because I feel like there is nothing anyone can do, but sticking yourself with needles and lancets does not feel good! I’ve been on the Pump for a little over a year and while it has helped me manage my diabetes a bit, I dread changing my fusion set because it’s always a guessing game.” —Reddit user TillWay

It destroys your skin.


“I LOVE my pump but the way it destroys your skin is irritating. Sometime I’d like to have smooth, lovely skin on my hips and butt again. Instead it has bruises and old pump site marks.” —Reddit user ThatPurpleDrank

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