What Is Diabetes to You?

There are certain feelings that are fairly universal to anyone who has diabetes, regardless of type. You might share the same hopes and fears, the same frustrations, or even a similar management plan. However, there are a lot of feelings and experiences that are unique to each individual.

Because diabetes is a condition that has to be managed every moment of every day, and because it can affect so many facets of your life, you most likely take it pretty personally. Meaning: you probably have a lot of very strong feelings about your condition. And even if you can relate to a lot of the feelings other people have about the same disease, you most likely have some opinions that are specific to your own experience.

So, let’s take a look at what diabetes means to some people. When you’re done, we’d like to hear from YOU. Let us know in the comments below what diabetes means to you!

Note: Some quotes have been edited for length.

1. Did you poison the birthday cake!?

Birthday dessert

“Diabetes is having to explain why it is ok for my kid to have a piece of cake at a birthday party.” —Reddit user Luder714

2. Sometimes you have to do what you have to do.

pretty brunette and an blank soda can, focus on drink

“Diabetes is grabbing a Coke in the grocery store, chugging it to avoid passing out from a low, and then smiling sheepishly at the cashier as they scan the empty bottle you hand them.” —Reddit user bionic_human

3. If only I could turn this into a cool party trick…

Finger art of people. The concept of a group of people with different personalities.

“Diabetes is not feeling that one finger you use to much.” —Reddit user Nerdalert00

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