6 Salt-Free Ways To Flavor Your Food Without Sacrificing Taste

5. Salt Substitute

There are several ready-to-go seasoning mixes that are both versatile and full of flavor. Mrs. Dash offers a variety of salt-free blends that help you feel culinary and healthy. Trader Joe’s 21 Seasoning Salute packs about every seasoning into one handy shaker. Any grocery store worth its salt (pun intended) will have some pre-fab seasoning mixes that will add aroma and flavor in a snap. When you don’t feel expending a lot of effort, these mixes are great to sprinkle on popcorn, chips, and eggs.

Photo: AdobeStock/kamikor
Photo: AdobeStock/kamikor

6. Love Lemon

Lemon juice and/or lemon zest is just about as quick as sprinkling salt, but it adds a burst of vitamin C and summery flavor without the sodium. Lemon is great for chicken, fish, and veggies (try it on Brussels sprouts!). And lime juice will take carne asada tacos to the next level. Always keep some citrus at the ready!

Photo: pixabay/alanbatt
Photo: pixabay/alanbatt

If you’re used to salt, it will take some time to adjust to new flavors, but it will be well worth the switch! Explore new ways to enjoy your food and free yourself from sodium servitude. After some time, you’ll start to better detect the true flavors of food and enjoying them how they were meant to be. Stay healthy, friends!

Katie Taylor

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