Worried About Losing Your Feet to Diabetes? Try the Touch the Toes Test!

Diabetes can cause a lot of peripheral medical problems, particularly in individuals who have trouble maintaining a healthy diet and exercise regimen. Why? Because both of those habits are essential to maintaining control of blood glucose.

One common side-effect of diabetes is neuropathy, a type of nerve damage, which if not properly treated can lead to some extremely serious complications. Unfortunately, even minor cuts and injuries can lead to much bigger problems if they are not properly treated. Further, neglecting to check your feet every day, inspecting for sores, blisters, cuts, etc., can allow problems to become much worse before you even realize there’s an issue!

But there are lots of things you can do to prevent diabetic neuropathy!

Diabetes specialists at Ipswich Hospital in England have developed the “Touch the Toes Test” — a simple way for people with diabetes to determine if they may have nerve damage in their feet between regular visits to the doctor.

Dr. Gerry Rayman demonstrates the at-home test in this video.

Check it out!

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