These Kids’ Science Fair Projects Will Blow Your Mind

If you’re like me, science fair was one of those things that was required as part of your science classes between middle school and high school. You always struggled to come up with a topic and thought the whole idea was kind of dumb because you wound up just picking something out of a book that already told you what the result would be.

We never won the science fair.

These kids, though, have really embraced the experience and have, as a result, come up with some amazing inventions! Check out these four innovative minds who are putting our science projects to shame.

Anya Pogharian

Anya Pogharian has invented a more cost-effective dialysis machine. Typically, dialysis machines cost around 24,000 dollars, but Anya’s costs just 400. According to Huffington Post, she plans to use the machines to help dialysis patients in developing countries. “Ten percent of patients living in India and Pakistan who need the treatment cannot afford it or can’t have it in any way — it’s not accessible. So that’s really what motivated me to continue,” she said.

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