That’s It–These 7 Diabetes Myths Have to be Busted

Here’s the bottom line: our population, in general, has been and continues to be misinformed about diabetes. It doesn’t matter where it comes from; misinformation leads to a web of myths, otherwise known as fibs, or stretches of the truth.

We’re here to put those myths to an end, once and for all. What you’ll find are seven common misconceptions (myths) about diabetes, ranging from sugary treats to employment. You’ll also find the truth.

Come on, let’s bust some myths.

Myth #1

Type 2 diabetes is found only in obese people.

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Truth: Roughly 20% of people with type 2 diabetes are of a normal weight, or underweight. Yes, being overweight IS a risk factor, but so is family history, ethnicity and age.


Myth #2

If you have diabetes, you absolutely cannot eat any sort of starchy foods (bread, potatoes, pasta, etc.).


Truth: Of course you can eat starchy foods! The key when eating them, however, is to know how much you intend to put into your body, which isn’t a “diabetes” thing, but a “healthy meal plan” thing.


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