The Foot Complications That Typically Come With Diabetes Can Be Avoided. This Shoe Guide Is a Start


They can be tough to shop for, and tough to maintain. For diabetics, even more so. But that’s where this list comes in. On the pages that follow, you’ll find information on why shoes are so important for diabetics, as well as tips and suggestions on how best to approach your shoes (and feet!) moving forward.


As you’ll discover later in this list, comfort and support are two key elements when searching for shoes. And nothing says that like these Diabetes Awareness Sport Shoes.

Diabetes Awareness Sport Shoes

Taking care of your feet WHILE supporting diabetes awareness? Count me in!

*Why are shoes such a big deal for diabetics?

The simple answer is: diabetes can cause neuropathy. But there’s more to it than that. Neuropathy, as you may know, means that there is nerve damage. Our feet are typically the first target (furthest distance from the brain). In the worst cases, this can eventually mean amputation — not always, but it does happen. More commonly, diabetics dealing with neuropathy experience “hammer toe” and severe bunions, as well as leg & foot ulcers.

Shoes come into the picture because, well, shoes are supposed to not only provide support, they’re supposed to protect your feet. In the case of a diabetic though, the right shoe vs. the wrong shoe can have major consequences.

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