Showering With Your Insulin Pump

Having diabetes can be a real pain. Regardless of type, management, while part of your everyday life, can be a pretty big inconvenience. It takes a lot of preparation, planning, and calculation. Even if you’ve got a routine down, it can occasionally throw a wrench in your plans.

Plus, all. That. Equipment.

There’s so much bulky equipment that goes along with management– from test strips to CGM’s, it can be a lot. You have to cart it around with you wherever you go, and sometimes that’s less than ideal.

But even if you’ve made the switch to an insulin pump, which is significantly less cumbersome, there are still issues, as it can be incredibly confusing. For instance, can you fly with it? What do you do with your pump if you’re extremely active? Or even more day-to-day obstacles like, “How do I shower with my pump!?”

In the video below, Diabetic Danica, who has type 1, shares some of her personal tips for showering with an insulin pump– and they really help! Take a look, and don’t forget to let us know what you think in the comments below!


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