We Love This Miss America Contestant’s Message About Diabetes!

Miss Idaho Sierra Sandison, age 20, has had one heck of a 2014. Throughout the pageant season, Sandison became a national celebrity, and it wasn’t just for her looks. Having been inspired by 1999 Miss America, Nicole Johnson, Sandison decided it was time to confront one of her biggest insecurities: her insulin pump. And she couldn’t have made a better decision.

Sandison didn’t just go on to the Miss America pageant, though; she became an advocate for diabetes awareness, and a role model for young diabetic girls everywhere. She wants each and every one of them to know that they are beautiful, and that they are capable.

What’s next for Miss Idaho Sierra Sandison? I think the better question is: what isn‘t next? She has kept more than busy since pageant season ended, touring the country with other Miss America contestants while also speaking at, and for, diabetes organizations. On top of that, Sandison and her sister continue to manage their series of camps in Twin Falls, Idaho, which is called Possibilities for Disabilities. Bottom line: the chances are that you’ll be hearing from Sandison again, and sometime soon.

Watch to hear Sandison talk about her insulin pump!

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