Diabetic Socks: What’s Helpful and What’s Hype?


Everyone knows that tight shoes or socks that rub and irritate our feet can cause blisters, and blisters are annoying all by themselves. A small blister may heal slowly, or even become infected, where circulation is poor. Best to avoid them altogether with seamless socks that don’t rub. Find some socks that treat your feet with seamlessly-smooth comfort.

Photo: AdobeStock/Nadtochiy
Photo: AdobeStock/Nadtochiy

Perfectly Fitting

Again, people with diabetes are likely to struggle with poor circulation, so wearing a pair of socks that is too tight and makes it even tougher for blood to reach the feet (and keep them healthy) is not a good idea. Find socks that allow for good blood flow but that aren’t so loose that they bunch up or wrinkle and therefore cause rubbing. Think like Goldilocks and look for socks that fit “just right.”

Photo: pixabay/MB35
Photo: pixabay/MB35

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