How Can We All Sock It To Diabetes? This is How

As many of you know, November is Diabetes Awareness Month. Yet there remains a lot of confusion amongst the diabetes community when it comes to how one can show their support in the fight against diabetes. As we’ve recently posted, there is no universal symbol for diabetes. There is no universal color.

This needs to change. Diabetes is a disease that not only alters lives, but takes lives. It is a disease that, like so many others, has been without a cure, and will be for some time. More importantly, with 371 million people worldwide affected by diabetes, it is a universal disease. And it needs a voice.

So, throughout the month of November, we’re going to be socking it to diabetes. That’s right, we’re going to be socking it to diabetes. And we want you to grab your socks and join in! Confused as to how? Here you’ll find the instructions for how you can Sock It To Diabetes.

Step #1: Choose Two Colors

a. Orange

b. Grey

c. Blue

Or, if you can, choose all three! The goal here is to be mismatched.


***Remember: Your socks DO NOT have to be solid blue, solid orange, or solid grey. Have a pair of pink and blue argyle socks? WEAR ‘EM! Any and all patterns are welcome, as long they clearly have orange, blue or grey in them.




Step #2: Put Socks On

Once you have your two colors chosen (Blue + Orange, Blue + Grey, Orange + Grey), take one sock and put it on your left foot. Take the other sock (not of the same color) and put it on your right foot.

Step #3: Take Pictures

Position your mismatched feet however you’d like (standing, sitting, crossed, lying down, on a desk, on a table, on whatever you want!) and take a picture. That’s it. Just take a picture of your feet. The more creative, the better!

Check out these examples!




Simple, right?

 Step #4: Post One Picture to Facebook

If you took more than one picture, GREAT! Just choose your favorite picture, then take that picture, find the Facebook post regarding Sock It To Diabetes, and insert your picture into the COMMENT SECTION of that post.

In your comment, you’ll need to do three things:

– 1) state the reason why you’ve decided to Sock It To Diabetes. This can range from wanting to support your mother’s fight against diabetes, or just wanting to have fun while supporting Diabetes Awareness Month.

– 2) nominate three people from your Facebook friends list that you think would want to join in the fight against diabetes, using the @ symbol to tag them within the comment.

– 3) hashtag your comment with this: #SockItToDiabetes. This way, your comment will be seen alongside all others that submit their photos.

So, when all is said and done, this is what your comment will look like:

Because several friends of mine fight diabetes on a daily basis, I have decided to Sock It To Diabetes. I would like to nominate @John Doe, @Jane Doe and @John Doe Jr. to join in the fight. #SockItToDiabetes

Step #5: Have Fun!

Seriously, we want this to be fun for everyone that chooses to participate. Be creative with your pictures. Gather your family together and take a group shot.  Challenge your Facebook friends to outdo you. Do whatever you feel best represents you and your willingness to Sock It To Diabetes.

We thank you in advance for your participation, and eagerly await your awesome submissions!




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