Too Busy To Stay Hydrated? All It Takes is An Attitude Change

Here’s the bottom line: we need water to survive. That’s a no-brainer, right? But let’s try this statement instead: we need water to thrive.

It’s true. With mild cases of dehydration come fatigue, frequent headaches, dry skin, sunken eyes and low blood pressure, among many other physical symptoms.


Yet, the symptoms may get worse, stretching not just physically, but mentally and emotionally. You may become fussy, even irritable, but at the same time you’re doubtful of yourself, and unmotivated to take on the world.

We don’t want you feeling that way. We don’t want anyone ever to feel that way. What we want for you is, despite how busy you may be, or stressed, to stay hydrated. Because it’s when you’re hydrated that you’re at your best. You feel as if you can actually take on the obstacles standing in your way. You feel as if you’re ready to take on the world.

We hope these tips do just that.

Make Your Water Bottle Your Baby

This may sound absurd at first, sure, but believe us when we say just how serious we are. Because here’s the thing: the closer you are to your water bottle, the more water you’ll drink. We mean this both physically and emotionally. Let us explain.


Imagine this: you’re in the store, searching for the perfect water bottle. You want it to scream, “I’m the one!” from its placement on the shelf. And, if you’re lucky, it just might. But odds say that the water bottle you end up settling for is a bland green, or blue, or pink, with only the company’s logo on the front. While that description may have led you to believe that you were let down, never fear! You’re in the perfect situation.


You can decorate that bland water bottle. Doodle on it with a permanent marker, plaster it with zany stickers, do whatever you’d like in order to make it YOUR water bottle. But why? What are the benefits? It’s simple, really: the more you make that water bottle your own, the less likely you are to let it out of your sight. Instead, because you’ve put parts of yourself on that water bottle (hopefully something you’re proud of), you’ll always keep it within arm’s reach. And, who knows? You may just have to show that beautiful thing off!


Here, we don’t mean that you have to carry your water bottle as if it were a baby, or that you should buy or build your water bottle a crib. Not at all. We just mean that, because it’ll always be within arm’s reach, you’re much more likely to swig from that water bottle when you’re thirsty than you are to, say, pull the car over for a slushie, or meander to the break room’s pop machine during your afternoon lull.

Set a Goal; Track That Goal

It’s time to bust a myth, right here, and right now. Growing up, we’re sure you were told that you should drink 6-8 eight-ounce glasses of water a day. We were, and, while it isn’t a bad goal to have, it just doesn’t hold up for some people. Why? Because everyone’s body is different.


We know, we know… we’re probably as sick of that saying as you are. But it’s true. And with different body types comes faster and slower absorption rates. Meaning: you may not need 6-8 glasses of water a day, or you may need more. That said, at first the goal should be to find the sweet spot — how much water do you need in order to be hydrated? The next step, then, should be to set that number as a goal each and every day. The hardest part is meeting that goal consistently. But that’s where the tracking comes in.

Whether you opt to do so by hand, or with a handy-dandy mobile app, keeping track of your water consumption is a great way to see your strengths, weaknesses, time of consumption, and volume consumed. While it may be a pain to do so at first, you’ll be thankful later, when, after making the proper adjustments, you feel healthy, energized, and ready to go.

*How can you tell if you’re hydrated or not? The answer lies in urine — both in color and in frequency.

 The Flavor of Water Is In Your Hands

“Water has no flavor.”

Yep. We’ve heard it, too. Heck, we’ve even thought it before. But there are so many different ways that you can spruce up the flavor of your water now. For example, you could purchase yourself a water filter, which is especially useful if your tap water has that irony aftertaste. Or, you could go the route of using water enhancers, like Mio. OR, you could try our favorite:


What we love most about the idea of putting fresh fruit into our water is that we have full control. It isn’t like you don’t have control with other routes, but the idea of one day dropping a few blueberries into our handy-dandy water bottle, and the next slipping in some lemon wedges, it just seems like a very healthy way of enticing ourselves into drinking more water.

*You don’t have to stop the enhancing of your water with fruit, though. Get creative with it. Get funky. Feel free to use vegetables, too, as well as herbs.

What other ways can we consistently stay hydrated?

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