Family Heartbroken After Stranger Steals 5-Year-Old’s Diabetes Supplies from Front Porch

Evelyn is a spunky and adorable five-year-old girl who’s recently been diagnosed with type 1 diabetes. She and her family are still learning how to properly treat her condition and which types of glucose monitors and other devices work best for her.

Evelyn’s mom, Jessica Eisenbeck, has been ordering supplies for her daughter to be delivered directly to their home, and many of them are costly—too costly for the family to replace.

That’s why Jessica’s heart sank when she got an alert at work that her doorbell sensor had been tripped. As she watched through the doorbell camera, she saw a man walk up to her front porch, take the package that contained $400 worth of glucose monitors and diabetes supplies, and leave.

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“I was gutted,” Jessica recalls. “Just watching it happen knowing I was at work and could do nothing to stop it.”

The family had to replace the supplies at any cost, because their daughter desperately needed them. Because Evelyn is a brand new diabetic and is very young, she can’t recognize the symptoms of low blood sugar and doesn’t know when she needs treatment. The monitors, therefore, are responsible for keeping her safe and healthy.

“Being a fairly new Type 1 diabetic, she really doesn’t understand what a low blood sugar feels like, and that’s extremely dangerous,” says Jessica. “So these are really life-saving for her.”

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Luckily, however, the supply company was able to file a report with the shipping company, and they were able to send replacement devices to the family at no extra cost. But not everyone in this situation gets so lucky.

According to CNR Research, roughly 36 percent of people have had a package stolen at some point. For people with diabetes or other life-threatening conditions, having a package stolen could mean the difference between life and death—health and hospitalization—if they’re unable to get more supplies like Evelyn’s family could. Even for those who can afford to order extra supplies when some turn up missing, the shipment may not come by the time it’s needed.

To prevent this type of situation from happening again, the Eisenbecks have devised their own lockbox to keep porch pirates from stealing their packages.

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“He bolted it to the house and built the box so everything drops in at the bottom so you really have to put in some effort to get into it,” says Jessica. “It would take way too long to stand there and break bolts.”

Evelyn’s family hopes that this story can reach would-be porch pirates and potentially deter some of them from taking packages in the future.

“Hopefully they would rethink what they’re doing. You never know what’s in these boxes. Ideally, you’re trying to get […] something expensive, but in our case, it was medical supplies.”

You can help stop important packages from getting stolen by always getting tracking on your packages, choosing a shipping option that requires a signature for delivery, scheduling shipments when you will be home, shipping packages to a trusted friend or family member who will be home, or installing motion-sensor lights and wifi-enabled cameras. You might also be able to use lockers or alternative drop-off points provided by your carrier.

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