5 Recipes To Share And Enjoy During Superbowl Weekend!

It’s that time of year again. Snow is on the ground (some places anyway), New Year’s resolutions are starting to be broken, and everyone is scrambling to finish their taxes. More importantly, it’s almost Superbowl Weekend! It’s an American tradition, enjoyed by sports fans and non-fans across the country. There are bound to be party invites headed your way, or maybe you already RSVP’d for your celebration of choice, but it also comes with some tough choices. The traditional party foods marketed for this sacred weekend tend to be burgers, pizza, chicken wings, soda, and of course, beer. While some of these can be enjoyed in moderation, with careful monitoring, binging is half the fun! So, instead of trying to avoid the party food, we have some recipe suggestions for you that you can bring with you to the party. While you certainly CAN share these with everyone else, no one will fault you if you’d rather eat it all yourself!

First off, the staple of any great Superbowl party, and something to keep in mind for summer grilling season…We present the low-carb burger.

One of the most popular recipes we’ve brought to the table, these burgers are not only amazing, but infinitely customizable. It will be easy to convert people to this healthy and amazing dish! Just make sure it’s BYO-condiments.

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