Teen Praised for Finding Diabetic School Social Worker Lying on Ground, Calling 911

17-year-old Diego Garcia was on his way to a friend’s house on foot one evening when he saw a woman lying on the ground within the gates of his school.

Diego immediately went to the woman’s aid and called 911 when he realized that the woman was unable to move much at all. She was having a hypoglycemic attack and would likely have died if no one had been there to help her.

The woman was Danet Garcia, a social worker who works at Glendale High School, where Diego attends school. Danet was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes when she herself was in high school, and, over time, she has lost her ability to feel the symptoms of a hypoglycemic attack, leaving her vulnerable to health crises like the one she experienced that night.

Photo: FOX 10 Phoenix

Luckily, Diego was there and was able to summon paramedics to the scene in time to save Danet’s life. Diego stayed with her until the paramedics arrived on the scene and he knew she was well taken care of.

With medical assistance, Danet was able to make a complete recovery. After the incident, city officials and first responders gave Diego a life safety award as a means of thanking him for his bravery and his choice to do the right thing.

Photo: FOX 10 Phoenix

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Danet, of course, is also incredibly grateful for the teen’s assistance. “Because he was brave and he did the correct thing, I’m still here,” she says. “I just want to say thank you and thank you and thank you again.”

Photo: FOX 10 Phoenix

Diego, for his part, says he was just doing what anybody else would do for someone in need. He is happy to see that Danet is now healthy and doing well again.

Check out the full video to see what Diego and Danet had to say about the situation. Thank you, Diego, for not turning a blind eye to a person in need!

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