How One Brave Teen Learned to Manage Her Type 1 Diabetes

Being a teen is difficult enough — most of us can probably remember feeling awkward and sometimes finding it a struggle to feel comfortable in your own skin. Trying to navigate those years was often a matter of attempting to fit in, worrying about grades and life after high school, entering into the work force for the first time, and trying to have a little bit of fun through all of those worries. However, being a teen who has just been diagnosed with a chronic illness like Type 1 diabetes? Well, that just adds a whole new layer of difficulty to things.

For Chandler Bennett this diagnosis came in 2004. In the video below Chandler and her mother discuss what it was like being diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes, and what it meant for her mother to be raising an adolescent with a chronic illness. Check out the video below to learn more about how this brave teen learned to manage her disease and how it changed her life!

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