Thank You Dr. Edward Hertko

Thanks to Dr. Edward Hertko, it’s his dedication to prove to the naysayers, that large amounts of children living with diabetes can spend a week away from home and still manage their diabetes, that 40 years later over 10,000 kids have come through a camp bearing his name. Taking a chance, Dr. Hertko created a camp over 40 years ago and since then the camp has educated children on how to stay alive despite their diabetes.

Appreciating the fact that amounts of money is being donated to diabetes research for a cure, Hertko realized until then what are kids suppose to do while they wait. Bringing them to the camp not only allows them to have fun, but it educates them on how to manage their diabetes with other kids just like them until that cure is found. Watch and thank Dr. Hertko for his mission to prove that kids with diabetes can still live a life just like any other kid!

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