Man Photographs The Love Of His Life During Her Battle With Breast Cancer

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In 2007, Angelo Merendino married the love of his life, Jennifer. Five months later, she was diagnosed with breast cancer.

Angelo, with Jen’s blessing, documented her journey with breast cancer in photographs. They both wanted to show the world a more realistic view of cancer — not just in the hospital but also at home, with friends, and everywhere else in their day to day life.

At first, Angelo said, he focused on snapping pictures of the treatment process, or of Jen in her hospital gown — the difficult stuff.  But the story took on a shape of its own, and he soon realized it was more than that. It was about family, and friends, and the reactions of people around them.

Something as simple as a friend holding Jen’s hand, or cutting her hair at home — everything was worth a photograph.

Hear from Angelo directly, and to see the powerful photos he took of his wife.

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