The Good Diabetic Sugar

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By Timothy Boyer for

Managing blood sugar levels with Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes is often a difficult task for many diabetics. Balancing sugar/carbohydrate intake with level of activity and insulin responsiveness requires never-ending monitoring to ensure that blood sugar levels stay within a normal range. Part of the problem is that much of the modern American diet is literally super-sweetened with sugars; or, as the old kid’s TV cereal commercials used to advertise—“Sugar Charged!” As such, diabetics are typically advised to avoid all sugars or limit them as much as possible in their diet. However, this advice may change slightly. In a recent study that re-analyzed a number of previous diabetes studies, researchers have found that one sugar—fructose—may actually be beneficial to diabetics.

In a recent article published in the journal Diabetes Care, researchers believe that in the case of the sugar fructose, it’s not the sugar that is so bad, but the fact that people eat too much of it rather than exercise moderation.

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