Here’s Your New Diabetes Theme Song!

Living with diabetes is difficult. We know it takes 24/7, constant diligence, and that can be exhausting. Sometimes, it can even be painful. And more often than not, it’s extremely frustrating.

It can mean missing out on your favorite foods and making time to exercise even when you don’t know where that time will come from.

It means managing stress levels so they don’t affect your blood glucose level.

It means making sure you get enough sleep so that your condition isn’t affected, but sometimes being prevented from getting enough sleep because of your condition.

While diabetes means something different to everyone, there are some experiences and feelings that we all share. And one things is for sure, it rarely seems like “fun” is something any of us would associate with diabetes. But YouTubers Mike Lawson and Ginger Vieira are determined to change your mind!

In the video below, they dynamic duo do their best to put a hilarious (and positive!) spin on diabetes! How? By parodying Snoop Dogg’s “Young, Wild, & Free.”

Take a look, and make sure to let us know what you think in the comments below!


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