Top 5 Myths About Diabetes Debunked!

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There are so many myths surrounding diabetes that it’s nearly impossible to avoid hearing them. We often hear these myths in the form of a concerned friend or family member trying to offer insight into the condition– something they probably picked up on the internet, or on a television show or movie. We can usually chalk up their incorrect facts (and their willingness to share it) to wanting to help. Because we know their hearts are in the right place, it becomes easier to gently set the record straight and move on.

However, there are times when all that misinformation can get pretty frustrating. Or worse, downright harmful.

When individuals use their preconceived notions to judge your lifestyle choices, or worse, potentially influence your decisions, it can stand in the way of successfully managing your diabetes. So, we’re here to set the record straight and debunk some of these myths once and for all.

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Myth 5: Diabetics can’t have sugar!

Fact: People diagnosed with diabetes can still have sugar. However, it’s important to consume sugar in moderation. A diabetic diet is actually no different than what is considered to be a generally healthy diet for anyone (diabetic, or not). You should make sure to get plenty of veggies, fruits, and whole grains. Plus, healthy fats (preferably those rich in omega-3’s) and plenty of fiber.

The key is to have sweets in small portions and save them for special occasions. That way, you don’t have to feel like you’re missing out on indulging in your favorite treats or neglecting vital aspects of a balanced diet.

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