Traveling With Diabetes: 8 Tips For A Winning Pre-Trip Gameplan

4. Stockpile Snacks

Your go-to low blood sugar snack may not be readily available at your destination, or a busy travel schedule may not leave time for a snack run. Don’t let this add stress to your schedule—plan ahead! Load up on your favorite snacks beforehand so that you have enough for the whole trip.

Sharing snacks also doubles as a great ice-breaker if you’re stuck in coach next to strangers for 10 hours!

5. Don’t Be Shy

Tell the people that you’re traveling with that you have diabetes if they don’t already know. Let them know what to expect and how to help if needed. It’s better to explain up front and have nothing happen than try to explain to someone what you need in the middle of an emergency.

6. Scope Out The Territory

Consider researching nearby clinics and hospitals before you go. Traveling abroad? Try the U.S. Embassy’s website, find your destination country, and check out the list of medical services. A list of English-speaking services may be available, and that’s nice in case your conversational Italian is not advanced enough to explain, “I’m having a hypo and need glucose now!”

7. Consider Travel Insurance

Before your trip, calmly and carefully consider if travel insurance is a good idea for you. Check with your normal health insurance to see what they cover overseas and consider if you need additional coverage. Travel insurance can cover trips that are cancelled due to illness, emergency prescriptions, lost or stolen items, and other unforeseen mishaps that can pull the brakes on an otherwise fun adventure.

But please, don’t be convinced to buy travel insurance based on scare tactics or last-minute “incredible” offers. Evaluate your need and buy from a provider you trust if you decide insurance is a good investment. Make a plan and don’t let gimmicks change it!

8. Don’t Forget… Get Excited!

Once you have your game plan firmly in place, you can prepare for a great trip! Sure, a person with diabetes may need to think things through ahead of time and do more planning than someone else would, but a good plan will set you up for a great trip. And we want you to have a great trip! Allow yourself grace when needed, and enjoy every moment!

Happy adventuring, friends!

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