Type 1: Origins, a Comic Book to Help Young People Navigate Their Condition

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Diabetes is a complicated condition. It requires 24-7 management and the consequences for not maintaining a routine can be grave. A diabetes diagnosis is shocking, scary, and to put it mildly, intimidating.

A young person receiving this diagnosis, in many ways, is forced to grow up much faster than they should have to. It means overcoming fears they never knew they should have, accepting a responsibility that is a lot to bare at any age, and losing certain freedoms that most people take for granted. It can be isolating, confusing, and overwhelming.

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Dr. Partha Kar and Dr. Maynk Parel recently set out to empower young people with a unique coping mechanism. With the help of publishing company Revolve Comics and a group of patients, the doctors developed the comic, Type 1: Origins. The story follows Gary, a young man who is working his way through the feelings associated with his Type 1 diagnosis, and learning to accept it.

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In addition to Gary’s story offering valuable information about the importance of self-care, young readers are also given a hero who is relatable in his experiences, feelings, and the obstacles he faces– allowing them to see that they aren’t alone. Further, they get the opportunity to learn about their condition in a way that is both inclusive and fun, which hopefully makes things a little less scary!

Type 1: Origins was launched on Monday, October 10th, and we couldn’t be more excited for them! Check out the incredible comic in full, here!

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