These Powerful Words About Type 2 Diabetes Should Not Be Missed

Type 2 diabetes has historically been perceived as a disease primarily diagnosed in adults. Unfortunately, that is changing, and it is now being increasingly diagnosed in young children, as well. A majority of children who have been diagnosed with Type 2 have an immediate family member with the same diagnosis, supporting the notion that family history is a major risk factor for developing the condition.

Gabriel Cortez is one individual who can witness this growing trend within his own Panamanian-American Family.

Watch and listen to his powerful words in “Perfect Soldiers,” as he interconnects Panama, growing up Panamanian-American, and the “arsenal of ways to self-destruct” with the effects of Type 2 diabetes, which are now spanning generations. Cortez’s beautiful and moving words should not be missed, as many of us can relate to his observations and fears.

Take a look, and don’t forget to let us know what you think.

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