Health and Fitness: Upper Body Exercises

If you have diabetes, you almost certainly know there is a lot more to management than just medication and/or insulin. It’s also about controlling your stress levels, making sure you get enough sleep, maintaining regular appointments with all of your health care professionals, eating a healthy and balanced diet, navigating weather changes (who else is incredibly sensitive to heat!?), and the list goes on…

With all of the things that negatively affect our numbers, sometimes it can be easy to overlook the things we can do to help control them.

Well, one of the best things we can do is exercise! And depending upon your personal fitness goals, it doesn’t necessarily have to take a lot. In the video below, Joslin Diabetes Center’s Jackie Shahar walks us through some exercises for the upper body.

If these exercises aren’t for you (i.e. they cause you pain or discomfort), don’t worry! We’ll have more to come soon!

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