Walk at Work to Control Blood Sugar

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By Denise Reynolds RD for EmaxHealth.com

A sedentary lifestyle increases the risk of Type 2 diabetes. In the United States over the past 50 years, one major contributing factor to the decrease in physical activity is the rise in the number of employees who work at a job that keeps them sitting for long periods of time. A new study finds an easy way to help gain health benefits – taking frequent walking breaks around the office.

A study by Louisiana State University last year found that the average American employee burns 100 fewer calories on the job than they did just 50 years ago. Technology can be partly to blame, as is the shift from agricultural and manufacturing jobs to mostly office work. Expending fewer calories can lead to obesity, a risk factor for developing Type 2 diabetes which is an excess of glucose in the blood (or blood sugar).

More recently, a study published in the journal Diabetes Care found that all it takes to reduce glucose and insulin levels in diabetics is scheduling a walking break every 20 minutes, instead of staying seated all day.

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