These Supportive Partners Are the Sweetest Thing This Valentine’s Day

It’s Valentine’s Day, and love is in the air! If you love the holiday as much as we do, you probably have a little extra pep in your step and a smile on your face thinking of all the people who make life seem just a little sweeter. Because you know Valentine’s Day isn’t just about buying a significant other extravagant gifts, it’s about taking a moment to show your appreciation for the people you love. To let them know that you care about them, and are so grateful to have them in your life.

Take David “Dink” Warren and his wife, Keena, for instance! This is a couple that really understands the spirit of the holiday! Keena was diagnosed with diabetes as an infant. For Dink, this doesn’t mean his wife has a condition that is separate from him. Instead, he views diabetes as a condition couples share. While he clearly acknowledges that his wife is experiencing diabetes directly, he does what he can to support her, and take on any aspect of management he can (like remembering the emergency candy).

In the video below, Dink, Keena, and several other couples share their thoughts on love, romance, and of course, diabetes. Take a look!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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