What Do You Have In Your Diabetes Kit?

Most of us acknowledge that diabetes can be a really difficult condition to manage. It’s demanding, time consuming, sometimes painful, and often isolating. Additionally, the complications that come from neglecting your management routine can be incredibly serious, even fatal.

So, it’s clear that consistent management is crucial. That means you always have to be prepared for fluctuations in your blood glucose levels– regardless of where you are or what you’re doing. One way to ensure you’re prepared is to always have your diabetes kit handy.

But what’s in each person’s kit can vary drastically. Why? Because everyone’s diabetes varies drastically. The same things that work for some people might not work for you, so customizing your kit to maximize your management on the go is important.

In the video below dLife’s Jim Turner, who has type 1 diabetes, shares with us what’s in his personal diabetes kit. Then, he takes to the streets to talk to fellow diabetics about their own diabetes kits, including finding out why they choose to include certain items. Check it out– you might pick up a tip or two!

Enjoy, and make sure to let us know what you keep in your own kit in the comments below!

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