What Is Diabetes? This Video Explains It Perfectly!

Diabetes is not an easy topic for kids to understand. Kids who have the disease just know their responsibilities, usually not what diabetes actually means. Kids who don’t have the disease usually know little to nothing about it. And in fact, many adults fail to comprehend exactly what it means to have diabetes too. Luckily, this video explains it all in a kid-friendly (and adult-friendly) manner!

The focus of this video is on type 1 diabetes, so it’s perfect for kids, who are more likely to be diagnosed with type 1 (or to have friends with type 1) than type 2. But there’s also a brief explanation of type 2, so it’s all-around educational for anyone who would like to know more about diabetes!

Show this video to your friends and family and anyone else who knows someone with diabetes! You never know when a better understanding of the disease could help someone in a big way!

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