Do You Know How to Prevent DKA?

Diabetic ketoacidosis, or DKA as it’s commonly referred, can be very scary– especially if you don’t understand what you’re experiencing. And because many people actually discover they have diabetes as a result of experiencing diabetic ketoacidosis, a lack of understanding isn’t all that unusual.

As with all aspects of diabetes management, education is crucial to your health. With this unfortunate diabetes risk, it is particularly vital to understand the seriousness of this condition because it could end in a diabetic coma, and in some cases it could be fatal. In the case of DKA, knowledge can be an essential step in prevention. In the unfortunate circumstance that you, or someone you love, finds themselves in an episode of DKA, knowing the symptoms can alert you that it’s time to seek medical attention.

Ginger, of the blog, “Living in Progress, a Diabetes Story,” offers a an excellent description of what happens to your body when you’re experiencing symptoms of DKA. Additionally, she explains what diabetic ketoacidosis is, what causes it, and what it feels like. Because DKA symptoms develops gradually, the more severe symptoms can seem less dramatic, which can be dangerous, so knowing what to look out for is an incredibly useful tool!

Check out Ginger’s video below for a ton of helpful information!

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