Why Doesn’t Obesity Always Lead to Type 2?

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By Kathleen Blanchard RN for EmaxHealth.com

Researchers are trying to uncover why some people who are obese don’t develop diseases like type 2 diabetes. There may be a ‘healthy’ obesity gene that protects some people from inflammation normally associated with being overweight. Scientists believe they could find a new way to treat diabetes and other chronic health problems if they can understand what happens when the gene is activated.

Enzyme Responsible for “Healthy Obesity”
The researchers gathered clues about why some people who are obese don’t developed disease; especially type 2 diabetes by examining genetically modified mice.

Xin Guo, a Ph.D. candidate at Texas A&M’s department of nutrition and food sciences said in a media release, “Previous research had indicated that a regulatory enzyme which is encoded by the gene PFKFB3 protects against diet-induced fat tissue inflammation and systemic insulin resistance.

Increasing evidence shows that fat deposition, or amount, is not directly associated with the inflammation or insulin resistance in the development of obesity-related metabolic diseases.”

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