Why I Love Diabetes Camp: Aiden Kaltenbaugh

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aldan why I love Camp PossibilitiesDear Camp Angels,

Going to Camp Possibilities in Maryland is a very exciting experience. There are so many fun parts about it. The best part is how so many campers and counselors all have diabetes like I do. They can help me out anytime during camp and understand what I am going through. Whatever happiness, we all go through it together. At camp, I know that all I have to do is look around and find someone who will understand what it’s like to poke my fingers and prick my skin with needles many ties a day just to stay alive. It is just so much easier to be myself at camp.

What I’m at home, it is hard to keep my sugars steady and I am always reminded of having diabetes. I get frusterated. When I’m at camp, my blood sugars are almost perfect because of the fun activities I do. I feel happy and healthy. Sometimes, it feels like I don’t even have diabetes. That is the best feeling in the world. I can’t wait for camp next year to have those amazing feelings again.

-Aiden Kaltenbaugh

Donate and help send a child with diabetes to a summer camp designed for their special needs.

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