Why I Love Diabetes Camp: Noah Ziluck

noah and moms letter camp carefreeDear Camp Angel,

My name is Noah Ziluck and I am 11-years-old. A gigantic part of my life is the summer, and one thing I constantly look forward to in the summer time is overnight camp. The reason for this is that overnight camp makes me feel free and responsible. Being diabetic, I don’t have the option for a regular overnight camp instead I got ot an overnight camp name Camp Carefree for kids with diabetes. Camp Carefree is special for me because when I’m there, I feel like diabetes is non-existent. Camp Carefree is my second home. When I have a problem and can’t turn to my parents for help I know that Camp Carefree is always there for me.

For example, during my first of four years of camp, the first day I felt homesick, but, when I went back to my group’s cabin, my counselors, Dan and Max, set up an activity that showed me that homesickness is normal. Now, whenever I’m away from home I don’t miss my family too much.

After 4 years I have made friends with many of the counselors and campers and have comforted some homesick campers. I cannot imagine my life without Camp Carefree. I have many great memories in Camp Carefree.

For example, going fishing on bass fishing day. Bass fishing day is when multiple motor boats from around the area come and campers go on the boats and get to fish in the deep parts of the lake. I remember my first year going bass fishing I caught several fish. I had never gone fishing before that day.

One of my special moment of camp that happens every year is the sharing circle. A sharing circle is when all campers, staff, and counselors form a circle around the fire pit and say their feelings about camp. Camp is my favorite place ever and I hope I can come back.

Noah Ziluck

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