The Voice of Diabetes Can Also Cut A Rug! Wilford Brimley Boogies to This Comical Dance Mix

Wilford Brimley has had an illustrious career as an actor. I mean, just look at the titles of projects he has worked on: The Waltons, Cocoon, The Thing, The Firm… we could go on and on.

In his golden years (Brimley is now 80), Brimley began transitioning to commercials, including Quaker Oats and Liberty Medical, which he oddly is most famous for, at least in the diabetes community. What’s even stranger is that its notoriety has come due to Brimley’s pronunciation of diabetes (di-a-beet-us), something we also touched upon in this post.

Truthfully, Wilford Brimely may have been the first exposure a lot of the younger generation had to diabetes. And, while funny (very funny), this video also pays homage to the man that helped grow diabetes awareness.

Now, put on your dancing shoes…

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