Winter and Diabetes Don’t Always Mix — These 6 Tips Will Help You Steer Clear of the Season’s Woes

Layer Up

You probably get the gist from the “Think of Your Toes First” section, but, seriously, you just have to wear more clothes to keep your blood flowing. If this means wearing a t-shirt, a thermal, a sweatshirt, and a jacket all at the same time, do it.

This guy has the right idea.
This guy has the right idea.

Manage Your Alcohol Consumption

Alcohol dilates blood vessels (also good to know for the moisturizer tip in “Stay Hydrated”!). Which means that the more alcohol you drink, the faster your body will lose heat. Like so many other things, moderate your alcohol consumption, and monitor its affects on your body.

Over-consumption of alcohol can keep you colder than you may think.

Protect Your Gear

Here’s the bottom line: your gear (strips, meter, insulin, syringes, etc.) needs to work in order for your body to get what it needs. First, make sure that all of the necessary dates are within range (don’t use insulin that has expired, for example). Secondly, because cold weather can affect performance, keep each piece of your gear warm.

Be sure to keep the essentials warm and functioning.


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