This Is Such a Lovely Way to Raise Awareness for Diabetes

More than 371 million people are affected by diabetes worldwide. In America alone, there are more than 29 million people who suffer from the disease. And that doesn’t take into account the number of people who are affected by the disease because it affects the quality of life of a friend or loved one. We’re pretty sure this qualifies as a pretty large community.

One organization, Diabetes Hands Foundation, is aiming to strengthen that community and empower its members to create change, whether that be in themselves, or others. One way they are doing this is by acknowledging that diabetes can make individuals feel alienated and alone. To combat this, they are setting out to create opportunities for people affected by this disease to connect. One of their most recent projects, “World in Your Hand,” did just this.

The organization asked people to write a word that describes a feeling or word that they associate with diabetes, take a picture and send it in. The beautiful and moving montage below is the result. Check it out, and let us know what you think.

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