21 People Share Their Beautiful Stories on World Diabetes Day! Here’s What They Had to Say

It’s Diabetes Awareness Month, and as many of you are likely aware, this past Monday, November 14th, was World Diabetes Day. What does that mean exactly? I mean, doesn’t it sort of feel like every day is Diabetes Day? Well, while diabetes is a condition that never gives us a day off, World Diabetes Day is a chance for the international diabetes community to come together to show their strength and support. It’s a day for people who suffer from diabetes and those who love them to come together.

World Diabetes Day is an opportunity for people all over the world to unify their efforts in diabetes advocacy and awareness. And judging by the amazing response we received from our audience, you were all incredibly excited to participate! We’ve compiled a list of stories and pictures you shared with us that tell us who you supported this World Diabetes Day.

Thank you so much for sharing! Enjoy!

1. Shannon Bruckner Korneli

“My little man has had type 1 since he was 22 weeks old. He is going on 6 years old. Technology has been great, but I believe the cost of insulin and supplies is outrageous. We pray for a cure every day. It is a constant struggle!!! He is my brave little guy. He never complains! Prayers to all who suffer with this disease!”

Shannon Buckner Korneli


2. Stacy MacLeod Deremer

“Jamie girl has been diagnosed since November of last year. It is a wild roller coaster ride. But, We got this!!!”

Stacy MacLeod Deremer


3. Sandra Robinson

“My beautiful boy who was diagnosed with type 1 Diabetes just after his 4th birthday in 2000….& he also had epilepsy to cope with for a few years too. Touch wood he’s not had a seizure for a long time but he’s been hospitalized twice in recent years with DKA. I am so proud of him.”

Sandra Robinson


4. Jennifer Fitzgerald

“For my beautiful 17 year old Hayley who has been type 1 since age 3 the struggles have been a very long winding road and I pray for a cure everyday”

Jennifer Fitzgerald


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