Diabetes And Yeast Infections: What You Need To Know


Good strategies for preventing genital yeast infections include:

  • Wearing breathable fabrics and avoiding tight undergarments (including pantyhose).
  • Practicing proper hygiene. Clean thoroughly after using the bathroom and wash your hands well. Consider using vaginal wipes.
  • Avoiding condoms with spermicide as they may contribute to female yeast infections.
  • Avoiding douches and scented female hygiene projects.
  • Keeping genitals clean without the use of perfumed soaps.
Photo: AdobeStock/Sergey Ryzhov
Photo: AdobeStock/Sergey Ryzhov

So there you have it! Yeast infections aren’t anyone’s favorite subject, but the good news is that they’re treatable and preventable. If you experience frequent infections, or infections that won’t clear up, you should talk to your doctor about a more comprehensive treatment plan.

Stay healthy, friends!

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